Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. is changing software engineering as a discipline.

MPT's Blue Cheetah is a new software product that revolutionizes the development, deployment, and monetization of application software for the emerging mobile/cloud environment. It provides unprecedented levels of automation, reliability, and optimization.

Blue Cheetah is the first and only PaaS platform that integrates the entire software engineering life cycle from needs analysis and staffing to design and optimization, and from graph analysis and testing to licensing, monetization, and deployment.

With a rich patent portfolio and deep technology roots behind it, Blue Cheetah represents a renaissance in software engineering and a new direction for the future of IT.

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Blue Cheetah rests on a solid mathematical foundation that ensures predictability, provides consistency, enables automation, and exposes opportunities for optimization and parallelization.

An industry first, Blue Cheetah enforces a programming model that links software design to specifications, the code, and test procedures. This lets changes to any part of an application propagate across the whole application, revealing potential errors and inconsistencies.

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With Blue Cheetah, many aspects of programming are automated. In addition to critical functions such as creating software design from requirements, defining test procedures, and translating legacy code into finite state machine form, Blue Cheetah also automates Gant Chart creation and project status tracking, performance monitoring and crowd source management, and creation of design elements while coding. Blue Cheetah provides some 40 automated functions, a unique capability in the industry.

Through the use of state machines, automated complexity analysis, and optimal mapping of code to hardware infrastructure, Blue Cheetah sets a new standard for automatic optimization and automated parallelization.

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Blue Cheetah creates a new software market that lets developers list and price individual software modules and code components - not just entire apps. Blue Cheetah's global marketplace protects your code while automating licensing, pricing, and payment processing.

If you are in the market for a software module that accomplishes a specific task, Blue Cheetah simplifies searching for the code components that match your requirements. It also lets you test the modules and evaluate their performance before you select them. You can also easily swap new components in and out when better options emerge.

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