Facilitate integration with modern technologies
Rapidly implement business changes
Reduce operating and maintenance costs
Eliminate outdated hardware and software

Blue Cheetah is an automated legacy code modernization ecosystem that quickly and effectively modernizes legacy applications.

Legacy applications are of enormous value to an organization, typically having been developed over many years and containing the business rules that are mission critical to an organization. Application modernization preserves this investment in the business logic and intellectual property that is integral to the business. Our approach of automating the transformation process enables rapid, accurate and cost-effective migrations while minimizing disruptions to the business.

It is widely estimated that 80% of Fortune 1000 organizations are still using legacy applications in their mission critical environments. These organizations are facing similar challenges with:

• Meeting business requirements for: cloud; mobile; social; big data and compliance within the current inflexible and closed architecture
• High cost of ownership for legacy systems
• Lack of skilled/knowledgeable legacy personnel resources
• Lack of new industry development as the legacy market shrinks

Massively Parallel Technologies has developed Blue Cheetah to address the challenges associated with modernizing legacy applications. Blue Cheetah automates the process, doing in man-days what otherwise would take man-years. With the push of a button, Blue Cheetah extracts, analyzes and graphically displays a company’s legacy code, providing a complete and comprehensive model of the application. Keep in mind, this graphical model is not static, but also provides access to the relevant code. This feature provides developers the opportunity to quickly locate and perform any necessary updates or changes to the code within the model, which can then be updated to reflect the changes. This intuitive and interactive graphical model is just one of our many patented and proprietary technologies.

Once the legacy code has been extracted, Blue Cheetah provides another invaluable asset, an updated library of all the application processes. Consider how much time this could save your developers on future projects as the system is able to locate and offer for re-use the software components from your proprietary library.

Another key asset of Blue Cheetah is integrated project management. Providing management with accurate and real-time vision into the status of all modernization activities, whether those activities are adding or removing functionality or simply making code improvements. Blue Cheetah tracks every step of the process, including every developer’s schedule and the allocated budget.

Transformed code is returned in binary form and can be used in any target environment, whatever that may be, and can be ported to any desired platform.

Typically, legacy code is the backbone of an organization, decades old and mission critical. Blue Cheetah is a robust ecosystem created to address the inherent challenges in legacy modernization to prevent missteps and delays.

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