Are your legacy applications prepared for tomorrow?

No? You’re not alone! About a third of businesses are running major applications that are more than 10 years old, and a fifth have at least one major application that has gone largely unchanged for 15 years or more according to a recent survey.

Business is being redefined by the convergence of four disruptive technologies: cloud, mobile, social, and big data, and these disruptive forces are creating havoc for IT departments dealing with obsolete architectures. New opportunities are being created by widespread mobile access, constant social connectedness and the business insights this brings. However, these same disruptive technologies that are providing you new opportunities are also reducing the barriers to entry for your competition. Organizations that recognize their customer relationship is the most critical competitive advantage are modernizing their legacy codes to take advantage of these disruptive technologies. CIO's who choose to modernize want to complete the project with minimal disruption to the business. The need to increase agility in their business and accelerating time to market is paramount. CIO’s know that customers have more options than ever, and their patience is low, only organizations that get it right the first time, every time and across every channel, will be poised to succeed.

What choices do we have?

Do nothing - this approach carries a high price, as 80-90% of the IT budget and resources are typically consumed in this process, and this expense grows each year. This approach is not sustainable.

Modernize – this approach extends the life of valuable business logic; protects the competitive advantage and retains an organization's intellectual property. It can also provide access to new platform functionality (cloud / mobile) while dramatically reducing the maintenance and licensing costs achieved via vendor independence.

Replace – re-create or acquire new applications. This approach does not retain the organization's intellectual property and business logic; is subject to “scope creep” and has the longest ramp.

MPT’s Blue Cheetah ecosystem is a new technology for automated legacy code modernization that quickly unlocks the value within legacy applications and provides organizations the ability to innovate and respond to market conditions.

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