Our Vision

MPT's vision to revolutionize how software is written and delivered is Blue Cheetah, designed from the ground up as an ecosystem for collaborative application development and modernization. Blue Cheetah enables organizations to quickly visualize their legacy software using an intuitive graphical format, as well as to create, integrate and deploy new applications faster and with higher quality, providing ROI in days. In short, Blue Cheetah is the application modernization and development ecosystem for the modern enterprise.

Our Innovation

Blue Cheetah's technology is the result of more than ten years of intensive research, unique insights into server communications technology and rigorous application of mathematics in compute environments. During the developmental years, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) awarded us three grants, including a High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) SBIR Phase 2 DARPA grant. Out of ten small technology companies involved in HPCS SBIR Phase 1, MPT was one of four companies that made it to Phase 2. The DARPA contracts, along with extensive controlled testing by nationally recognized high-performance computing forums, became a proving ground for our unique engineering and mathematical insights and their real-world applications. Our technology is protected by thirty patents with three of those issued in Japan, and we have an additional patent pending.

Our History

Massively Parallel Technologies, is a privately held research and development software company. Founded by specialists in application development, we have created an ecosystem to revolutionize enterprise software modernization. Through automation, Blue Cheetah greatly reduces the cost and risk associated with legacy software transformation initiatives. Blue Cheetah provides organizations the ability to respond quickly to competition unencumbered by legacy infrastructure and meet consumers expectations for anywhere, anytime, any-device access.




Bobbi Hazard Kenney / Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Kenney is a well-known technology executive who brings her success with both the international and domestic markets to MPT. She was most recently an Executive Vice President at Linux Networx, where she managed the business development, sales, technical teams, benchmarking and contracts for the company. Formerly Ms. Kenney spent seven years at Dell, where she was the Director responsible for the DOD and Civilian Intelligence Agencies market, expanding that business to $350M. Ms. Kenney spent many years at Cray Research where she was Worldwide Vice President and General Manager of the Business Systems Division, which was acquired in 1996 by Sun Microsystems. In this capacity she managed the development of the E10000 product bringing it to market for Cray then again as Director of Worldwide Enterprise Computing at Sun, where the product attained sales of $1B under her leadership in one year, making it one of Sun's most successful acquisitions. Prior to Cray, Ms. Kenney was VP of Sales for nCUBE, privately owned by Larry Ellison. Other business acumen was gained from executive experiences with Digital Equipment Corporation, Elxsi, Data General and Evans & Sutherland.


Jerry Verbeck / Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder
Mr. Verbeck is a seasoned CFO bringing more than forty years of experience in banking, structured finance, accounting and management to MPT. Mr. Verbeck has served as volunteer advisor and mentor to other CFO’s in local entrepreneur networks and CFO forums. Prior to this management role, Mr. Verbeck managed financial analysts functions for due diligence and underwriting assets to support ratings on securities offerings. He was also the Treasurer of a life insurance company and served as Senior Vice President of Secondary Marketing and CFO for a large mortgage-banking subsidiary, successfully navigating the mortgage-backed securities portfolio through turbulent financial times. Mr. Verbeck pioneered several innovations in the field of structured finance including complex hedging strategies in addition to managing the structuring of four pools of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations issued under the REMIC rules and at the time attained a revenue ruling as well as SEC registration. The registered offering then required ongoing financial reporting via 10-K and 10-Q filings.



Scott Smith / Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder
Mr. Smith is a serial entrepreneur, having been a founding partner of companies in agriculture, finance, education and technology. In the early 1990s Mr. Smith pioneered a model for mortgage pools which was rapidly adopted throughout Wall Street. He also structured the financing for Nelson Mandela’s Redevelopment Program in order to provide affordable housing near Soweto. Mr. Smith founded Kidz Magazine, one of the earliest examples of “user-generated content”, with distribution in 30 nations and readership in the millions. He has also co-founded and served on the boards of two nationally ranked charter schools in Colorado. Mr. Smith is the author of the book, Boom The Economy, released in 2013, setting forth a four-point plan for economic reform.


Tom Gooch / Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Gooch enjoyed an illustrious 31 year career in technology at IBM and Storage Technology Corporation (STK), where he served as Executive Vice President of Operations. His business management experiences include leading the Corporate Engineering, Manufacturing, Federal Systems, Field Operations and Field Engineering Divisions of STK managing $150 million in annual R&D spending and a $750 million manufacturing budget. Mr. Gooch has held management and consulting roles in several high tech start-ups, including serving as Datavail's CEO.



Shahin Khan / Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Khan was former Chief Competitive Officer at Sun Microsystems where he held executive positions including VP/GM of the High Performance Computing (HPC) and Visualization products business unit, and VP of Product Marketing and Planning. He also serves on the board of directors of Wizmo Inc. Mr. Khan was VP of Corporate Development, Intellectual Property, and Marketing at Silicon Graphics, and has served as CMO at industry pioneers Azul Systems, 3Leaf Systems and ScaleArc.

Mark Miller / Member of the Board of Directors
Mark Miller is currently a Vice President at a major financial institution with over 18 years experience in banking and financial planning. He specializes in wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and estate planning. Prior to this organization, he served as Vice President at UBS Financial Services and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Miller is also the Founder and President of J & S properties. He received his BA from Michigan State University and is a licensed Financial Planner.


Shannon Kendall / Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Kendall joined the MPT team sitting on the board and in Investor Relations/Corporate Communications after 20 years in the medical field. During the late 90's Mr. Kendall spent his time in the Orthopedic industry being a part of a sales/management team with Linvatec/Hall/3M. He drove record numbers in the utilization of capital equipment, implants and disposables. Following his time with Linvatec Mr. Kendall spent his next years in the Neurosurgical markets with a focus in Epilepsy. As part of a rapid growth team in Cyberonics he had responsibilities for overseeing a complex process of Epileptic patient management around VNS implants. Later Mr. Kendall joined an Orthopedic Spine Team where he spent his last 9 years within Orthofix, Inc. His focus was in the regenerative healing and biotech markets managing/negotiating joint ventures/strategic partnerships with multi-billion dollar companies while capitalizing on network and business connections. Mr. Kendall also spent the last four plus years as part of a capital investment team focused in the food and beverage markets where he participated and assisted in capital fund management.

Rick Thabet / Member of the Board of Directors
A serial entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Thabet sits on the Board of Directors for several companies launching a number of successful medical and non-medical products. Mr. Thabet has proven business leadership experience in management, capital formation, sales optimization and business development. In 2002 Mr. Thabet founded U.S. Spine and worked to establish new technology with the FDA and the US Patent office while responsible for driving revenue. In 2010 Mr. Thabet helped coordinated the acquisition of U.S. Spine by Amedica. Over the course of his career, Mr. Thabet has led and grown businesses both domestically and internationally with companies such as IBM, Baxter, Aesculap, Spine-Tech, Oratech Interventions and U.S. Spine.



Sloan Beatty / Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Beatty has held numerous management roles with Federal Reserve Branches and assisted with their restructuring in the ‘90’s. Mr. Beatty has also assisted with the restructuring several insurance companies prior to working with Andersen Consulting within their Business Process Management Division (BPM) and at Xerox as a Managing Principal. Mr. Beatty exercised his entrepreneurial acumen by founding SpineSource, Inc. with current revenue over $80 million.


Dr. John Gustafson / Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Gustafson is an American computer scientist and businessman, chiefly known for his work in High Performance Computing (HPC) such as the invention of Gustafson's Law and as the recipient of the Gordon Bell award and IEEE Golden Core award. He introduced the first commercial computer cluster, measuring with QUIPS, leading the reconstruction of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, and several awards for computer speedup. Dr. Gustafson previously held the positions of Senior Fellow and Chief Product Architect at AMD, Director at Intel Labs-SC, CEO of Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc., CTO at ClearSpeed Technology and CTO of Ceranovo, Inc. Dr. Gustafson has recently finished writing a book, The End of Error: Unum Computing, that presents a new approach to computer arithmetic.